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  1. Oh my god. Clarity? Seriously? It's clear he nor his coaches don't have a clue about how to be a winning and effective head coach of a professional team.
  2. If Gibson got traded to the kings the fan base would be jumping off buildings
  3. You make a ton of sense regarding Gibson. The only thing that would make things change is for things to change - ie. coaching and GM. Until that changes, I don't think it would matter a can of beans who is on the ice while the lack of system and professional coaching techniques are in place so that the culture of "our winning ways" can ever be realized.
  4. Now I want to read”bob Murray announces his retirement”
  5. All true but then there is the coaching...
  6. What is a well coached team? I don't get it... Ha Ha
  7. I wonder if Elliot Friedman can shed any light as to how the ducks don't seem to be making any changes in coaching and the poor treatment that we fans and supporters of this team have received this year??? How in blazes can any of them still have a job after such terrible, disheartening with such a disgracefully poor product on the ice??? Isn't this professional sports???
  8. I saw that. John Davidson would be a great GM That's a total fantasy though. BM is never leaving... Neither is the coaching staff.
  9. Didn't Shattenkirk get an assist on Minnesota's first goal last night? He earned it...
  10. After all this, I have zero confidence that anything will be any different at this time next year. The coaching staff will remain, the GM will remain - he's like "Bob" from the Bill Murray movie "What about Bob?" I remember the line: "Gone? He's not gone. He's never gone" (Bob was indeed knocking at the door wanting to get in)... It would be nice to have changes and a team that can actually play hockey with a system and effective, exciting hockey - one of the all time greatest sports in history. Guys that can skate like the wind and shoot a little disc over 100 miles an hour and no breaks to change players. It's awesome. Watching the ducks play, not so much...
  11. You know why. Crap GM. I'm so envious of teams like Toronto that have a young, dynamic GM who makes things happen.
  12. dtslaw should be the team's GM...
  13. man, watching other teams play really underscores how really awful the ducks are: a poorly coached team without a clue.
  14. Just watched Kyle Palmeri score a "power play" goal. Seems like the former ducks around the league do pretty well on their new teams. Coaching... Watching a real power play in action is something that I miss as a fan. I remember the old days with Getzlaf, Perry and Ryan - couldn't get the puck away from them. Just saying...
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