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  1. That’s giving him way too much credit for his ability to do anything savvy. he couldn’t find his @$$ with both hands…
  2. All I can say is that this GM couldn't organize a game of cards. The "Ducks" that we knew are not going to be any sort of team with this guy making the moves. It's really disheartening. Delauriers? Seriously?
  3. Replacing Dineen makes no sense does it? Especially when the coach of the ducks was the mastermind of the worst ducks in history and he keeps his job? He must have blackmail material to keep from getting fired? He just doesn't show himself to be any sort of effective, winning professional coach. I just don't see it.
  4. hoxxey

    2021 - Final 4

    Hats off to the lightning. I can't say "bolts" because Hacksaw Hamilton used to say that in his broadcast "Show me your lightning bolt!!!!" Ha Ha Hats further off to the goalkeeper posting yet ANOTHER shutout in the elimination game. Dude is amazing. Come to think of it, so are the Tampa Bay team. Pat Maroon is Mr. Stanley Cup! He is truly blessed.
  5. Is he any good? how many assistants do they need?
  6. hoxxey

    2021 - Final 4

    Montreal looked out of sync. Maybe a bit intimidated by Tampa. Should be good by next game
  7. hoxxey

    2021 - Final 4

    They can play any style
  8. hoxxey

    2021 - Final 4

    That’s a good team there
  9. hoxxey

    2021 - Final 4

    Another shutout for the Tampa goalkeeper in a close out game. Amazing.
  10. hoxxey

    Seattle Kraken!

    Boy, talk about recycling... An uninspiring hire.
  11. It's a great hockey town. Old time players like Gilbert Perreault, Richard Martin, Rene Robert - the French connection line - great fans. Genessee cream draft beer, butt cold weather - I don't know what happened to the team. Poor ownership/management obviously. I hope they get things back.
  12. hoxxey

    2021 - Final 4

    Gotta love Perry. Blood for days. A gash that wouldn't quit. Hugging his teammates at the end - they obviously love the guy. Man do I miss him on the ducks. Those officials should be barred from any further officiating work. A disgraceful display. The ref was RIGHT there when CP got mauled... Glad to see Habs win. I never thought I would ever say that...
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