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  1. i really liked what I saw of TT over the last month of the season. he just looks so, so much stronger than even the beginning of this season. lundestrom turned a corner and is steadily improving, but for his surgery. maxC - i'm a little suspect of his surge, given the RFA year and all. he's made strides, is looking super strong, but he's not quite the puck owner i want him to be on the ice, not yet. i'm also not quite as sure about his development over the season - he came in much stronger than last season, but i'm not sure he continued to improve at a decent pace over the season. just an observation - i think he's worth whatever it takes to keep him around. Z and D - sheesh, i have nothing but high hopes (and expectations) for them.
  2. primarily, because you've included the Shatt in your lineup. part of the reason why the PP has been abysmal (there are many reasons) is that they kept putting him out on the PP to try to dredge any kind of offensive stats out of him and mirage-sweeten a trade or layoff to Seattle. it's crazy how Dehydrated Donkey Dungty both the Ducks and Toronto are on the PP this season. the Ducks are penalized so often, you'd think they'd learn a decent PP strategy just from seeing so many while on the PK. Toronto... they have no excuse. in any event, whatever coaching we're looking to acquire for a better PP, it's going to be competing with Toronto's enquiries.
  3. jury is still out, for me. looking back on this season, i think he did a much better job developing young talent than our past two coaches (not counting GMHCBM).
  4. i only ever use ED to refer to the expansion draft. the entry draft is just the draft.
  5. i'll quibble with the bolded. i think the players worth developing have made good strides this year. the rest of the roster can be cycled through for new meat. the Ducks organization can always do a better job when it comes to player development, but this season i felt like the really high potential players weren't held back from working out their kinks and getting markedly better, individually and as part of a team, and i definitely felt most younger players (both D and F) were held back in prior years (under both BB and RC). RC was brutal with non-veteran players, and BB's style didn't leave a lot of room for rookies to get meaningful ice time. though, to be fair to BB, i think the team was focused on SC runs within franchise player's performance windows way, WAY more than player development. frankly, with 20-20 hindsight, i gladly would have given up 10s of regular season standings points during BB's tenure in order to give some rookies more meaningful regular season ice time. could be a serious example of a team strategy failure on BM's part, that.
  6. i'm fairly certain that the deal has been in place for at least a year that BM stays on through the drafts and probably at least partially into the next season to protect Eakins continuing as head coach to start next season. Eakins will probably be the only protected coaching position going into next season, the rest of the coaching staff (including training and medical) i think will be shopped and replaced, but it'll be difficult because whoever comes in will know that they'll likely get the boot if/when Eakins gets kicked by a new GM. some of the timing on when people step down or get fired will probably be dependent upon how the team performs to start next season. i doubt injuries will be allowed to excuse poor performance - it'll be: make it work, prove you're up to the challenge, or we get someone else. BM will step down before half the season is over, UNLESS the team goes on some kind of miraculous winning streak to start the season - it'd have to be a franchise record, though. regardless, BM will step down as GM next season, probably as part of a deal to bring in someone new. any interim GM will be home grown, but i doubt they hire a new non-interim GM from within. it wouldn't be shocking for them to promote from within, but it'd be disappointing, and my personal opinion is that it would extend all our problems with team performance, league view of the team, etc. it would be an ownership failure, even if it were part of a long view strategy - it's just too conservative an approach for a rebuilding team. i think BM will do whatever he can to give Eakins one last fair shot at HC. regardless of the majority opinion voiced on this forum, you'd be hard pressed to find any executive in the league that thinks Eakins has been given a fair shot to date, not with this set of players, and not under the various extenuating circumstances. some of the blame Eakins gets saddled with, regardless, because he accepted the job knowing how things would go down, but, for me, it's just too harsh to judge his coaching prowess based on what's happened in the past two seasons. i admit Eakins hasn't done much to impress me through this season (I purposefully withheld judgement until the season was over), but I'm not sure the plan has been to build a team that needs a herculean coaching effort to beat the teams that were in our division this season. that said, i've liked the development of a few players over the season... it was slow, but it seems pretty solid/reliable. and, the ones that haven't developed (or floundered) are pretty apparent. there's value in that. at this point, it stretches credibility to think that there's some viable master plan that'll bring all these possible machinations together into a solidly rebuilt team... but i'm not willing to overlook all the mountains of extenuating circumstances to Eakins detriment, and i still think there's potential for an upside to him being HC to start next season. BM has all but announced his retirement from the Ducks, so i'm not super concerned with his future, and i think he's just too conservative an operator to handicap the Ducks with too little flexibility going forward. man, we could write a really interesting book comparing and contrasting the ~recent GM switch in Toronto with how the GM switch is going to happen in Anaheim. lots of interpersonal similarities, lots of stark strategic differences.
  7. not going to change before the ED. not sure why we have to keep pointing that out every 5-15 days or so.
  8. if they didn't draft the contracts with covid-releases of performance in them, then they're idiots. this whole season was a loss.
  9. actually, i'd love for Cogs to be in charge of player safety. at least to try him out. i think he could be perfect in that role.
  10. same. so, so inconsistent and ridiculous.
  11. wish he wasn't ending during the covid season, but otherwise ok.
  12. summarize it? i'm not going to watch it.
  13. you know, though, looking back on it now... for our Dehydrated Donkey Dungty division, we WERE competitive for a playoff spot. let's be fair - i think BM did a great job evaluating how the rest of our division would perform this season. where he was wrong was how badly WE would perform. i don't think he expected the slump from Hank, Silf, RR, and Getz. or, if you want to blame it on the coaching staff, i don't think he expected them to be unable to get the team to click over well. all that is perfectly reasonable, and (don't hate me), it seems like it belies a really excellent eval on how poorly the rest of our division would perform this season.
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