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  1. that the current GM of the Habs was allegedly involved in! i feel like i'm having a stroke!!
  2. Ok - the execs and coaches and vps are still here, sort of wandering around. BM is chatting with a young lady - I can’t tell from here if she’s press or his daughter or what, but there’s a laptop and she was over near Kent and the gang. I’m thinking press. Im guessing they’re staying in place in case someone wants to trade down. Shrug. Im probably out of here.
  3. Sorry. Yotes are still paying the price for that illegal thing they did, so pick is void. oh, actually their second 1st round pick is void. Pthpt.
  4. What’s Calgary going to frak up this draft?
  5. Not at first - they paused video while he announced.
  6. I think the video is delayed here. Kings on the clock with 4min left right… now.
  7. I think Edvis will end up a great player. I’m thinking Lindholm level. Not what we need right this second.
  8. Video is back on. For us, Jersey is still on the clock.
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