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  1. Ahh oh the Thread monitor is here
  2. Now we only have 2 guys in way over their heads (Murray and Eakins) Use to be 4
  3. Obviously but why would I be concerned about a year that is past (Financially) for the Ducks Looking ahead
  4. Actually according to Puckpedia we are only paying him 2 Million (not worth 2 imo)
  5. And you are a Doctor and you studied where? BS Wake up. If you throw assets around like you talk, Ill bet you have none.
  6. Moose why in the world would you trade top assets for a guy with a herniated disk in his neck? Foolish move the team cant afford to chance
  7. Why would anyone pay top dollar for a guy with a herniated disk in his neck, Give me Sam Reinhart for a 1/3 the price p.s. Bring on Barkov love him Just researched this. Barkov has a NTC with contract ending 2021. He wouldn't want to come to a rebuild. He will want a Stanley Cup before his career is over and it wouldn't be with the Ducks in our time frame.
  8. I agree with most of what you have said except, Just because someone is an excellent scout doesnt assure they can negotiate trades and contracts (approval of the asst GMs plans) or carry the business aspects of the GM Role (See Murray, Bob)
  9. Like the one Vodka Bob made costing us Theodore? Not a chance. Expose the players and Seattle has to take one from every team. The less Vodka negotiates the better.
  10. Im pretty sure he has been around since Brian Burke days. Then you have to ask why did we also had Darryl Sutter until he took the Calgary coaching job? All this top tier management doesnt come cheap. Face it Murray is as incompetent as they come.
  11. Didnt Vodka Bob also trade Palmeri for a 2nd round pick? I can only imagine what Bobs peers say behind his back.
  12. We have very very few players of value. Drys and Zeg are not available under any circumstances IMHO We couldnt put together enough assets to trade for a bag of beans otherwise See opinion from the press recently (Lyle Richardson) I think this tells the story very accurately
  13. Listening to Eakins I couldnt be more less impressed.....He needs to find another job.....That patter is so dry and uninspired he couldnt motivate me to pick my nose.....Just alot of platitudes....Time to move on
  14. CRAIG BUTTON Top Prospects 5 12 21 https://www.tsn.ca/craig-s-list-defencemen-dominate-top-of-nhl-draft-prospect-rankings-1.1638404
  15. If they don't have a map, they have no business being in management.
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