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  1. I am done with Bob. ZERO confidence in GM who turned one of the best hockey team into NHL doormat. Next season will be lost anyways, and best thing for GM would be to do nothing until he retires next summer, so next GM will have some room under salary cap to work on signing some good players.
  2. Honestly, don't know much about that McTavish guy. If he is that good, why he was projected by most NHL mock draft websites to be selected around 9th or 10th overall pick? Well, at least I am happy that we selected some forward; will see in 3-4 years if he'll be a successful player or a bust. Every prospect is a superstar on a draft day.
  3. Edvinsson. Safe and boring pick. Plus he is Swedish.
  4. He will select Edvinsson. Love for Swedish defenseman overpowers common sense.
  5. Swedish guy Edvinsson will be selected 3rd overall. Murray loves to select defenseman at first round high picks. Low rick, "easy to trade' as he says.
  6. Looks like it's final: Haydn Fleury will be taken by Seattle. Amazing, ALL players Murray acquired the last 24 months wasn't even good enough to be on protection list.
  7. BM will draft another Swedish defenseman. It will be Edvinsson.
  8. ok, let me ask you back: are you happy with the team performance the last few seasons? As a Ducks fan you most likely prostrated just as much as I am. When things don't work repeatedly, don't you think it's time to try to do something different? In our case, you advocating for the same old players who failed to make playoffs for the last 3 seasons. And it starts with veterans and our highest paid players. Unless, you happy with the current state of this team.
  9. I don't understand what the appeal is of keeping together the roster of lowest-scoring team in the league and desperately trying to get rid of our second best scorer? This team is already unwatchable on offence, and our dumb manager wants to make it even worse? I know, Henrique is not cheap, but at least he is producing some offence, in fact last season he scored more goals in limited action than Terry, Jones and Steel combined. If BM really wants to dump some salary, we have that invisible defenseman at 6.5 mil per season; We also have a "world-class' goaltender his has been on sabbatical for the last two and half years. We even have forward #34 who have shown absolutely nothing at NHL level, and still on protection list. I am confused, to be honest.
  10. Kings manager thinks outside of the box, business only with no strings attached - left unprotected Jonathan Quick. Our GM goes strictly by the rule, protecting expensive or non-performing players like Fowler, Steel and Gibson. Choosing to protect Deslauriers over Volkov also makes little sense to me (opps...forgot, his last name ends with "ov", then it DOES make sense for this GM). The only good thing is leaving unprotected Larsson - oh, God, I hope Seattle picks this first round bust from our roster.
  11. A warm body and a meah prospect in exchange for dumping salary of non-productive player, I would take this trade.
  12. And I rather see Fowler having a fresh start somewhere else. https://thehockeywriters.com/ducks-worst-contracts-2020-21-backes-fowler-henrique/
  13. We can't afford to sign another high-cost defenseman while having Fowler and his expensive contract on the roster. Plus Lindholm is due to big pay raise after next season. One of them have to be traded. The common sense tell me it should be Fowler - older, non-physical player with no leadership skills. But our GM not always does things per common sense.
  14. re-signing Hakanpaa would be a good start. Finding a taker for Fowler would be even better. Next season will be a lost anyways, the only hope is that our "genius" won't spend all money under the salary cap, so a new manager will have some room to work with.
  15. As I said before, I have doubts about Eichel and his long injury history. If he was within $5-7 mil range, I would take a risk, but $10 mil is a way too much. Unless Buffalo agrees to take on some Ducks bad contracts, like Fowler or Gibson.
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