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  1. Unfortunately, from the group you listed above, I would only emphasize Comtois and Stolarz. The rest of them will be average or below average players. The list of who regressed this season: Gibson, Fowler, Silfverberg, Terry, Steel, Larsson, GM Bob Murray, HC Dallas Eakins, PP consultants.. Someone may disagree with me, but it's my personal opinion. based on what I saw this season.
  2. Well, nothing new, really, except I didn't know that Ducks are on the way to beat NHL record for worst PP % in history. They author stopped short of stating the most logical move the Ducks organization have to make right after the end of this season - firing GM who generated this mess.
  3. Let's face it: as of now we don't have a 'franchise" player or someone who has incredible leadership abilities. The most expensive or overpaid players have to be exposed first: Fowler, Shattenkirk, Heinen, Henrique. I also gradually losing my faith in our "elite" goaltender, especially considering his never-stopping injuries and latest performance.
  4. Every single year I hear the same story, "Bob is planning a big move".
  5. Not yet, maybe 3-4 years from now. I have hard time imagining how 31 y/o Henrique, Silfverberg and Fowler would listen to 19 y/o
  6. I can't wait when S. Steel and J. Larsson will sign some professional contracts in Europe.
  7. Even Samueli's congratulated him. I thought they don't exist anymore.
  8. Bob Hartley won Gagarin cup in KHL. He is the second coach in history to win both Stanley Cup and Gagarin Cup, after Mike Keenan. I wonder what are these good coaches doing in KHL while some minor league coach running our NHL team?
  9. It's about time to close this thread, IMHO.
  10. Agree. His contribution to this franchise is remarkable, but it's a sport business, not a charity. If his agent thinks he worth more, welcome to hit an open market. P.S. same applies to Steel and Larsson. 10% raise per CBA rules, and if they want more - welcome to Europe.
  11. I hear it every time when another trade deadline pass and our GM does absolutely NOTHING. Some fans immediately start to defend him "well, the real moves will be in the off-season summer". Then summer comes and our genius does NOTHING again, expect picking up some no-name borderline NHL players. I also hear "Bob didn't do this or didn't do that because he has plans for ED". I don't believe anymore if this guy has ANY PLANS. And what really prostrating is that Samuelis keep radio silence for the last 3 years. They reject any interview requests from Eric Stephens, Elliott Teaford, Dan Wood and any other beat writers, not even mention to reply to emails of average Ducks fans.
  12. Bob's love for former 1st round busts continues to amaze me. That Fleury guy has 1 point (assist) in 35 games played. Welcome to warm bodies club!
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