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  1. Reinhart traded to Florida for a 2022 first and Devon Levi (G). Thought he'd get more than but still a good deal for both teams, imo
  2. Since he's playing in the CHL, I'm pretty sure that he won't be able to go to the Gulls until after his junior season is over even with the new agreement that the leagues are finalizing.
  3. Pastujov might be one of the best value picks of the draft. Loved the selection and the kid has very good offensive upside. I really liked the Thrun pick in 2019 and I like this pick even more. So far, I think this is the third draft in a row where the Ducks will do better than most (unfortunately, so did LA). Waiting to see how they follow up with trades now.
  4. But he's a Finn and the Ducks aren't good without a Finn on the team. Science!
  5. It's a family affair at the draft. Hughes brothers playing together, now the Dach's and Shane Doan's son drafted by AZ
  6. LA moves up again. If they take Pustajov, I might switch allegiances. Edit: They took a monster 6'6 Finnish center. The Kings draft Finns, the Ducks don't. Therefore, no wonder they will be significantly better than us in the future lol.
  7. I love how teams can just take a time out during the draft
  8. LA is about to make me very depressed by them trading up. Edit: They did make me sad, took Pinelli and continue to be a far better organization than us. I hate it!
  9. Agreed, and if we are going to move on from either Lindholm/Fowler/Manson, Larsson then I like the pick more. But for a GM that laments not being able to score goals, he didn't draft a player who is better suited to do that when he had the chance. Similar to Kaliyev in 2019.
  10. Agree about how needs change and if he Ducks are going to move Lindholm or Fowler then I think the pick makes a lot of sense. Adding potential scoring forwards seems not to be a priority for a team that can't score lol
  11. With Raty, Tuomaala and Stankoven on the board he goes Zellweger who plays a position that we already have too many players at and coming up with Thrun/LaCombe. If he trades Lindholm/Fowler, and Larsson then I can see it but for a team that needs goals, it's a bit surprising
  12. Watch LA get Stankoven, Pinelli, Tuomaala or Raty.
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