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  1. Stamkos and Hedman went straight to the NHL after being drafted as a result of being top-2 picks though. Zegras and Drysdale haven't played a full NHL season yet and Drysdale is playing pro because of the pandemic cancelling the OHL season. Shouldn't they get more time to develop and adapt to the NHL before we start putting the weight of the franchise on their shoulders? The 2011 Lightning team had two players with over 90 points (Stamkos, St. Louis) and 2 more with over 50 (Lecavalier, Teddy Purcell) which is far more production than any the Ducks currently have. My main point with Tampa was that they had one good season out of six and they turned out better than alright. We've been bad for three. I'm in agreement with Gorbachav about this team's situation and think that there's no quick or permanent fixes to be made by next season. He's stated the reasons better and more succinctly than I can. Exceptionally bad is being kind. The Ducks scored 11 PP goals the entire year. They would have had to score 3x as many goals just to reach the league median of (32 - LA scored that many and still missed the playoffs by 14 points). That is a huge gap for the Ducks to close. They also had the second fewest power play chances. Odds are the Ducks will have an improved power play just because it defies odds that they can be that bad for two straight years and Zegras should give it a jolt. If the Ducks finish near 10th in the league next year then I think that's a very good showing and would give some confidence that they are heading in the right direction if nothing else.
  2. When was the last time a team with the second worst record and scored the fewest goals in the league made the playoffs the following season though? That's why I don't see a lineup consisting of mostly the same roster suddenly vying for a playoff spot. Also, is the rebuild is over if we get Beniers? He's a fine player that I hope can be a legit top-6 center if we get him but the reason I'm waiting for 2022/23 is because there are legitimately higher ceiling prospects than Beniers that I'm betting could really move the needle on this team's future. Tampa didn't make the playoffs in Stamkos' first two seasons and the first season with him and Hedman together, resulting in them drafting three straight years in the top-6 (2008-2010). They made the playoffs in 2010-2011, then missed the playoffs the next two seasons before getting swept in the first round by Montreal. It didn't give them a loser's mentality. Zegras, Drysdale, Perreault, this year's pick are on the Ducks because the team is not good and that the beginning of their careers are going to have more losses than wins. Rebuilds take time and I think that they know that (the Rangers had top two picks the last two years and still struggled). Eichel and Reinhart have been in Buffalo for six seasons where they are still a dumpster fire and rightfully want out. So, I'm not going to panic about a losing culture for players who just broke into the NHL...At least not yet. Get back to me after 2023!
  3. After what we've seen over the last three seasons, I think the Ducks are drafting in the top-5 again next season with that roster projection, for which the hockey gods ought to bestow Wright or Lambert upon us. I agree with Gorbachav, the Ducks are too deficient across the board and it's going to take time to get high-end pieces and develop them into a team that can ultimately contend. Also, I don't want to go into the season with the hope that if everything breaks our way, in a weak division, then just maybe we can get into the playoffs where we'd get crushed like we did in 2018 by the first decent opponent. I want a team that can ultimately go shot for shot with Vegas, Colorado and ultimately LA in the future. We are still in the early stages of the rebuild also and I'll die on the hill of going through the pain right now and rebuild the team properly rather than rush through it. I hope this season shattered management's illusion that this team could compete or compete soon which it should have been the case after last year. The booze budget of sadness will remain high for the time being.
  4. Sure, but every athlete says that so I’m not taking it as though Gibson loves Anaheim so much that he’ll go through another season or two of being terribly bad before he’ll want out. It’s a scenario we’ve discussed on the boards before with how bad the Ducks have been and the odds of him asking for a trade have only increased, imo. I don’t want to trade Gibson and I’m sure the team doesn’t either but like Gorbachav and dtsdlaw said, they might have to explore the option.
  5. If he plays another game as a Sabre then I’ll be surprised. Looking forward to him being a Ranger or King! 😏
  6. I think that Seattle will just select one of them. The Fleury trade was one that I was not expecting at the TDL and my hunch is that Murray may have already discussed a Henrique trade with Francis. If they couldn't reach a deal and Murray is betting on Mahura getting selected then the Fleury trade makes sense as well as if he wants to move Lindholm. I don't think that Henrique had a lot of value amongst other teams in the league due to his contract and the Ducks would have had to retain salary even if they hadn't waived him. It's not ideal at all but moving his whole contract isn't a five-alarm and eating a chunk of it shouldn't hinder the Ducks. They have 22+ mil and 47 + mil in cap space over the next two seasons and no pending huge extensions. It also doesn't factor money that Murray can send out in other trades, so the Ducks should be fine in that regard.
  7. I think the question is how productive do teams think he'll be going forward. The odds of Rico producing at 20-goal, 40 + point pace decreases just due to the aging curve. That's before even taking his contract into account. Not saying that he can't but it's a riskier proposition which is why the Ducks are going to have to add incentives to trade him. It would cost Tampa a bit more because they would also be protecting players (like you said, Sergachev/Cernak) that they would otherwise lose and want to keep while they are still contending for a cup, in addition getting rid of Johnson's contract. The Ducks definitely do not have that problem and Henrique is owed 2.5 mil more in total salary. So, it would be Tampa's first and a prospect which is what LeBrun was saying the original ask has been from Seattle. But if the Ducks also want to protect Mahura or Fluery then doesn't the price to Seattle to do that increase? Again, it would be an unbelievable if the Ducks could shed Henrique's entire contract and also protect a player that they would otherwise lose for just the 34th overall pick. I just don't see Seattle doing that unless the Ducks offer more. I think it'll take the 34th pick + a decent prospect/young player for Seattle just to be interested in such a deal. It's also not paramount that the Ducks move Henrique at the ED either, imo. They aren't contending anytime soon or have an impending cap problem. Wait until after when teams will have more flexibility.
  8. Oh, There's no way that it would require our pick this year or next year's pick which is why I am finding it harder for them to do a deal with Seattle and that Henrique will be traded elsewhere. I think Mahura or Fluery would be the most likely to get picked, followed by Heinen. Age doesn't help Henrique and this would primarily be about the money he's owed going forward. If Henrique can still be a 20-goal scorer for the next three seasons then it makes for weird optics for why the team with the fewest goals in the NHL this year would want to get rid of him lol. I don't think that Francis is scared to take Henrique but with our firsts round picks off the table then I think he'd look for a player like Comtois or Terry to help make that deal. Florida got rid of Reilly Smith's contract (5 mil per x 5 years at age 26) by giving up Marchessault, who was coming off a 30-goal season, to Vegas. It just seems too complicated on the Ducks side IMO, so just let Seattle take their pick.
  9. I think Seattle would get a first round pick to take Rico’s full contract. It’s almost 17.5 mil that they’d take off the Ducks payroll over the next 3 years for a player that the Ducks waived just earlier this season and who will be 32 (I think age absolutely factors into it against the Ducks) next year and likely to be exposed in the ED anyway. If Murray got rid of Henrique’s contract for less than that, it would be good GM work. My guess is that he’ll move him in the summer but for retained salary, and a pick to a non-divisional team. Seattle just has a lot of leverage to use their cap space and make teams pay a bigger premium for cap relief than Vegas did, imo, and are going to lay the hammer down on teams who want to do that. I don’t think they’ll have a shortage of teams willing to play ball either ie Toronto, Tampa, NYI, Washington and the reaching cap floor shouldn’t be a problem without Henrique.
  10. Agreed. That’s why I don’t think they’ll have a side deal with Seattle and will just let them a pick a player. Also, you’d leave Manson exposed? I’d keep him since he’s got higher trade value than anyone who’d replace him. I’d expose Fluery instead but I like the list that you proposed.
  11. Yeah. That’s the rub. Under that scenario, the Ducks shouldn’t move the first overall pick but it becomes more enticing to Seattle for a deal. They are going to command a lot to take on bad money and do teams financial favors in these flat cap/economically difficult times. I think LeBrun said it would take a first round pick + to shed a contract like Tyler Johnson’s, who has three years left, is younger and makes less than Henrique. No way I’d pay that to get Rico off the books.
  12. What’s the deal that you would make with Seattle? I like the idea you had of swapping picks with them to take a player but I’m trying think how it would work. Seattle moving up one or two spots in the draft won’t be enough to say take Henrique’s contract or move major money, imo. I’d just let Seattle pick and be done with it.
  13. I agree with Sexlaf on this. I don't think the Ducks are contending until they have a new core in place. Zegras and Drysdale look to be key parts of that but I think they are going to need at least two more major pieces to surround them with. The Ducks may also start moving on from some of their veteran guys this offseason. We'll have a top-4 pick this year but if we get a top-2 pick 2022 or 2023 then I think we'll have the pieces in place to be a perennial contender. A Zegras/Wright, Zegras/Bedard 1-2 punch down the middle could make the Ducks the Tampa Bay of the West. But I'm not greedy and would be floored getting Brad Lambert. Just let me dream at least! I am not upset at the rebuild either (it's what happens when players like Perry, Kesler decline and get hurt with age along with being a consistent playoff team) but how Murray has assessed this team and refuses to commit to it. I think in two more seasons we'll have a better idea on whether they are on a contending path as players continue to develop and hopefully transition to the NHL.
  14. Hahaha. Did not even realize that I was disrespecting Matty BENIERS like that! This is a funky year along with the draft not being particularly strong so I think it would be a season where we may not see a player jump straight to the NHL. Cale Makar went #4 and went back to college and Quinton Byfield would be playing in juniors if his season hadn't been cancelled. Plus, I don't think there's a need to put Beniers in the NHL right away. If he can play, then by all means give him the shot but I'm a bit more skeptical of a player coming straight into the NHL and sticking this year. I don't think any player is coming in and saving this franchise next season either. If the Ducks are somehow competitive next year then I think it's will be primarily on the backs of the young guys of Zegras, Drysdale, Terry and Comtois. If you're the Ducks, then I think you have to take the best player available and if it's a LHD in Power (though, I think Clarke could have the highest ceiling in the draft for a D-man) the you take him since his potential is higher than a Thrun on LaCombe. Neither of those guys have done anything to have the Ducks sour on them at all, IMO. They've exceeded expectations at this point. My concern with them is the chance that they pull a Vesey or a Schultz and don't sign with the Ducks given the current logjam at LHD and we get nothing for them. If the Ducks take Power then I think they'd have to trade one of their rights. On a related note, I really curious as to what is going on with Blake McLaughlin. He hasn't signed his ELC and can be a UFA after next year. I do like the idea of trading down if the Ducks can get the player they want a few spots back. This would be the ideal draft to do that given everything.
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