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  1. Bob sleeping at the wheel again. Move up in the draft, make moves
  2. I’m a huge Fowler defender. So I really don’t mind that. I’m fine with keeping possession rather than throw it away. I’m waiting for people to realize that our forwards suck at providing support, so it’s not really on Fowler.
  3. Cmon Bob Raty and Stankoven are right there
  4. Now would be a really good time to move up Murray.
  5. I’m hoping after watching Colorado that people realize that you can build a d core with players who are just good at playing the sport.
  6. I think you just gotta take the talent. We were just talking about how Thrun and LaCombe are STILL in college. What we need could change tomorrow. I think Zellweger is a perfectly fine pick. I would’ve taken a forward, but I can’t complain too much
  7. If the Ducks can have their own Samuel Girard. I’ll be happy.
  8. Very young, couple days away from being a 2022 Eligible. Comparison is Samuel Girard. Can’t hate on this pick
  9. Zelleweger is a pretty good pick please trade up and take Raty, love that kid
  10. Also, I don’t know how you can watch Debrincat and just watched what Caufield did and pass on Stankoven.
  11. He’s still attached to these guys. They’re all still on this team. I don’t feel that Murray understands the project.
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