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  1. I do wonder if Larsson might be enough? Trade Larsson and a pick to take Henrique id feel fine doing that lol
  2. I’m not saying that’s what he WAS, I’m saying that’s what he IS. Regardless of whether we thought it was a good move at the time, it wasn’t and I think every GM over thought the ED and handed Vegas a Stanley Cup caliber team. I’m not saying you can predict that, but just protect who you can and maybe just see who you lose. I wouldn’t be surprised if they took Rico without compensation. He’s a durable, 20-25 goal guy who could be a leader and get you to the cap floor. I wouldn’t really trade them much more than a 3rd round pick. I think Fleury’s play probably complicated things, but at this point keeping both Mahura and Fleury seems pointless, unless you trade a Dman out. I’m curious to see who we draft, does the ED happen before or after the draft? Because I’d be curious to see how that changes who we draft. If we take Power or Edvinsson I truly don’t know how you make room for that on your team anytime soon. But I guess you make it happen if they’re good enough.
  3. I think we have to be careful big braining it. Last time we galaxy brained the ED we paid them a #1 defensemen to take a medium bad contract and not to take 2-3 subpar defensemen
  4. Looking at upcoming FAs. Mike Reilly and Phillip Danault stand out as some decent guys that could be targets. I don’t think Reilley works logistically, but he’s solid. Both guys are 28, but if you’re losing Rico or something. Danault is a guy I’m taking a long look at. Really solid two-way guy. Could slot in on the second or third line and hopefully give some defensive stability.
  5. I think most of his “injuries” were excuses to dress Stolarz and give Gibby a night off. He’s played a ton. This team needs to be better in front of him.
  6. Looks like we’re locked into 1-4 unless Vancouver essentially loses out. I almost don’t want #1 because I don’t want Power. But Eklund Berniers Hughes Lysell Clarke. Not a bad lot to pick from.
  7. Idk about contender, but they’ve definitely got some kids playing well. Ever since they stopped plugging their ears to virtually everyone saying this team needs a rebuild, lineups have been getting better and guys like Comtois, Terry, Zegras, Fleury, Drysdale, Jones have been playing great. We have a solid core. I think adding 2-3 more top 10 prospects into the system over the next few years has us in a solid spot. Zegras Dryadale Whoever they take this year plus the next 2 years or so added to a core of Jones Terry Fleury Mahura Comtois Galimov Thrun Lacombe Lundestrom Perrault Coalangelo etc with the vets being Lindholm Fowler Gibson Maybe the tail end of Getzlaf. Thats definitely some talent. They just need to commit, develop and draft well.
  8. I’m not really inclined to trade down. Unless it’s like 1 spot. Just take your guy, I believe the Ducks can’t pick lower than 4th? Brandt Clarke Matty Berniers William Eklund Fabian Lysell Dylan Guenther could all be available at that spot. I think out of the 3 LH defensemen that high, Luke Hughes is the one I’m the highest on. Just seems to be the most dynamic, has some defensive issues, but he pushes play and skates well.
  9. I’m begging here. Man they did such a good job over there and we need that.
  10. Gorton and Davidson got canned. Please Samueli’s these guys would be greet to navigate the rebuild.
  11. Brandt Clarke Matty Berniers William Eklund Owen Power Make it happen Bob.
  12. I wonder how much Atu Raty might have dropped over the past 2 years. He was the next big thing when he was 15, but has dropped off. Wonder if we could snag him in the second round
  13. I just don’t think there’s a franchise type player. None are as polished Hughes is pretty bad defensively, but man he’s so good at creating offense. Eklund seems to need someone to help him gain possession so he can drive offense. So puck moving defensemen, or a strong back checking forward. Power seems to be a slam dunk, top 4 defensemen. I think you’re going to be able to get good complimentary guys in this draft.
  14. Eklund can shoot, pass, enter the zone with control, has a high motor, plays good defense and has been doing it against men in the SHL. Plus Swedenheim. I like Beniers a lot as well. I think we’re gonna get a good kid regardless. Power Edvinsson Hughes Beniers Eklund All of them seem very solid. injust oook at what Eklund does against men and it’s hard not to be excited. He kind of reminds me of Kase a bit with how he likes to use the boards to control the puck even though he’s smaller. He also plays physical and hard defense.
  15. Time to bring this baby back. I’m not entirely sure where we’re going to pick, but man I want William Eklund so bad.
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