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  1. concerning the Ducks...yes.
  2. Best news this off-season IMO. There was no way in hell another team was going to trade for that contract. Im actually quite shocked that the Samueli's ponied up the cash to speed up the process to open the cup window. It was either going to be a buyout or an excruciating two more years of watching a washed up Perry on the ice or more likely in the press box.
  3. need to keep him...Del Zotto for the lotto.
  4. ducks07

    bob murray

    It's taken you this long to realize that? Also, who do you suppose would want to give up a top 4 D for an old and slow Perry? This isn't fantasy hockey, nobody in their right mind is going to take on Perry, Eaves or Kesler...Getzy has been the only player living up to his contract up until the halfway point of this season...but let's be honest, who can carry this team offensively anyways. We have to most likely eat these large contracts for the next few seasons and continue to use our youth while they are relatively cheap.
  5. ducks07

    bob murray

    Not sure he's in the black this year.
  6. ducks07

    bob murray

    You do when your desperate. This is just Bob trying to save face while once again by pulling out garbage from heaping bin of poo. I don't see him as an upgrade over Fowler or Lindholm on the pp. Del Zotto is a dime a dozen...horrible +/- his addition doesn't move the needle in the positive direction. Doubt any playoff contending teams are kicking sand they didn't push for him, after all we took him from one.
  7. ducks07

    bob murray

    Del Zotto was not brought in to fix the pp or make a playoff run. It was more of a adding experience on the back end...nothing more.
  8. ducks07

    bob murray

    If the Ducks are to replace both BM and RC after this season then there is no reason any moves should be made. The replacement GM should be given the opportunity to use all available players, prospects and draft picks to build their desired identity/system. I believe there is a committee in place that BM needs to have approval from before making any further trades/signings...at least I hope there is.
  9. ducks07

    bob murray

    Not going to happen. 1. He's a UFA next year and we couldn't afford what he's looking for. 2. I doubt Anaheim is even on his list of teams he wants to play for.
  10. ducks07

    bob murray

    I dont think the binge has ended.
  11. ducks07

    bob murray

    Im horrified after we lose tonight Bob puts down the beers and grabs for the whiskey.
  12. Going to post this on the Wings board for someone to hold up during tonights game
  13. 100% agree with you. There is nothing wrong with our D. Our top 4 were developing into a solid top 4 exuberayting confidence both defensively and offensively then along came RC and his lottery ball line paring system. I hope BM is not allowed to make any trades from here on...this team can be competitive if given an identity and some structure. Ive never seen a coach blatantly misuse an entire team to the point RC has this season. Its almost sad to watch RC desperately change his lineups every period. Please!!! stop with the madness... there is no combination that is going to make your system logical.
  14. The owners are doing us fans all a favor by not firing BM and RC. This season and possibly next will get us a couple of great prospect we desperately need for the future. I think BM and RC need to be kept on staff for the remainder of this year...it would not be wise to bring in a new GM to only have them make impulse moves right away, give him the entire offseason to make wise decisions including who the next coach should be.
  15. Ignorant BM, Its the bloody system. Fix that and your players would be further along in their development.
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